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GNB Tech is a leading technology company that is committed to aiding all of our customers technology needs, whether singular consumer or small business.


At GNB Tech, we know how important it is for your computer to be working flawlessly or your mobile device to be in proper working condition or even for your business to not experience any downtime. We understand that every minute of your time is important, so we work diligently & efficiently to make sure your technology is always performing optimally!


We can get your Mac or PC back up and running fast and productively so you can get on with your life and make the most of your computer.  Our service contains a complete diagnosis of the problem with a comprehensive solution!


No tech repair company in the Greater Boston area offers a better price and value to each customer, including our free estimates on all repair jobs. Our past customers have shown their trust through their reviews, and we take pride in our reputation!


Transform your business through our expert small business IT services. From implementing cloud solutions into your office environment to leveraging our 360 Support outsourced IT program to support your business, we are always there to curate any of your IT heartaches!

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He's a great I.T. guy. He 's prompt and on time. He's a great asset to my company. He does what he says he will do.



Larry Higginbottom, Founder

The Osiris Family Institute

Thanks very much for the energy you put into solving our network problems. It’s a relief to have things up and running well enough to get us through the working day. I look forward to working with your team again in the future!



Kristi Davin, Executive Director

Livius Tutoring

It's hard to find the right fit for IT services for a small business. In my case a two-person law firm. You want value-based services. You want someone you can call when you have a problem and they respond. You want an experienced professional that can diagnose and fix the problems that we have. And finally we have to be able to trust that person. #GNBTechnologies are my go-too.



William Barabino, Attorney & Counselor at Law

Law Office of William J. Barabino

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