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GNB Technologies provides professional and reliable IT consulting services for your professional IT environment, specializing in personal computer and mobile device reparation. We work around the clock for small commercial businesses and individuals, solving all your technology issues.

Cellular Brands Serviced 

GNB Technologies

Phone Repair Services

 Audio/Headphone Jack Replacement
 Front/Back Camera Replacement
 Front/Back Glass Screen Replacement


 Home /Volume Button Replacement

 LCD Replacement
 Speaker Button Replacement


Computer Repair Services

 Computer Freeze/Crash Repair
  Computer Security Solutions
 Data Recovery


 General Computer Troubleshooting
 Network Setup (Wired or Wireless)
 New PC/Laptop Setup


◉  EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE: On-site mitigation of your hardware, software or network issues.


◉  IT EVALUATIONS: Review of your network, office systems, intranet, web tools, internet and workflow. By gaging all facets of your IT environment, we are provided with a comprehensive  overview of your infrastructure. This will ultimately allow us to plan for updates, prevent complications, and to provide outstanding service.


◉  PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE: Regularly service your IT environment to increase sustainability, ensure backups and             malware prevention software are protecting your environment, in addition to other technical requests that you may have.


  PURCHASES: GNB Technologies can help by stipulating particular systems to purchase (hardware, software, network products). This can save you ample time in not having to purchase more than what you really need, but still permitting your   company to progress exponentially.


◉  NETWORKING: Networking is usually done with a migration or development. Troubleshooting, enabling remote access,         uploading/downloading data to other computer devices are few of the many networking services we provide.



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Computer Brands Serviced 

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